Welcome to the Village of Loda, Illinois
Welcome to Loda IL Sign Village Hall
100 E. Washington St.
Loda, IL 60948
Old Town Loda Main Strret Adam Smith House Park Shelter Annual Truck Pull Loda Library
    Oak Street, Loda, IL - late 1800's Adam Smith Home - Built 1855
Addison Goodell 2nd owner 1872
Goodell Park, Loda IL Annual Truck/Tractor Pull A. Herr Smith E.E. Smith Library

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Ordinance & Zoning documents available for viewing as a PDF file
06/15/2017Appropriation Ordinance 2017-2018103
06/15/2017Minutes 2017-05015102
06/15/2017Prevailing Wage Ordinance 2017-2018100
05/18/2017Village Boundries/Municipal City Limits98
05/18/2017Zoning Map97
01/26/2017Water Ordinance 2012-0286
01/12/2017Cable Television Ordinance 2017-0185
12/12/2016 Minutes 2016-10-1278
12/05/2016Cable Television Ordinance 2002-0177
12/05/2016Telecommunications Tax Ordinance 2004-476
10/11/2016Ordinance 2013-03 Video Gaming70
09/15/2016Tax Levy Ordinance 201666
06/10/2016Appropriation Ordinance 201659
05/11/2016FOIA 2016-0248
05/05/2016Ordinance for Chickens & Rabbits46
12/10/2015Utility Tax Ordinance36
11/11/20152015 Levy Ordinance34
11/12/2013Golf Cart Ordinance 201321
08/10/2015Village Code Of Loda Illinois Zoning1
08/10/2015Village Code Of Loda Illinois Amendments4
06/10/2015Appropriation Ordinance 20155
06/10/2015Bank Resolution 20156
08/10/2015Code Chapter 7 Amendment8
08/10/2015Proposed Prevailing Wage Ordinance 20150711
08/10/2015Village Code Of Loda Illinois 199114



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